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TeamSpeak & Discord Etiquette & Guidelines

Post by D13GO_{HoF} » Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:04 am

SC]-[LONG_{HoF} wrote: Its come to my attention that there has been some unwanted actions in Teamspeak lately. So I have a few rules to set down.

#1 Absolutely nobody is to be moved from a channel unless told before hand and should not be forced to move if not desired. This applies to admins since they have the option to move clients from room to room but let it be known trouble makers will be excluded from this rule.

#2 Nobody should be added to admin or channel admin status unless cleared by the hof admin panel.

More rules may be applied so please keep yourselves posted.
Earthworm wrote: Here are the rules that are listed in teamspeak. Soon as you enter, You can find them on the right of your screen in the description of the channel.
If you are an admin, Please create a channel with your name on the 2nd floor Administration. If you are a Clan member Please create your channel on the 4th floor. It is up to you guys to create and manage your channel. 1 channel only please and Clan members & admins only.

1. Do not move someone without their permission!

2. Do not mic spam unless that channel prohibits it. Channels with music symbols is where its allowed.

3. Do not try to edit or create any channels unless you are an admin or hof clan member and even then please be careful when doing so.

4. Do not attempt to change you or anyone else's permissions. This is our heaviest rule! If you do so, it will be recorded in the logs.

5.Upload files only in the file browsers that are appropriate for that channel. Download freely. some channels are restricted to download from and may only be permitted to administration.

6. If there are minors or females present, Please act as a responsible adult and respect them.

7.If you are a minor we will not engage with you anything involving drugs, sex, violence or any other material verbal or nonverbal that is general used by the 18+ crowd.

8. Only visit the channels that you belong to or feel that its a place you would like to be. For instance, The Smoking room is a place you can talk freely and use vulgarer language. If you do not like a smokey atmosphere and can't handle vulgarer language then do not go to that channel. The Couch would be more appropriate where its more mild mannered. Gaming channels for each HoF server has been created. If your playing in a server, Go to that channel so other may join you in convo and the game your playing.

9. Do not upload any pornographic material. (Anything exposing genitalia or that shows nipples will be removed.)

10. If you bring someone here to our Teamspeak you are responsible for that person. So don't bring anyone in that's gonna be disruptive please.
If you think of a rule that isn't here and you think it should be. let us know in our teampeak section in our forums.



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