Unreal Tournament HD Texture Pack v3.0

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Unreal Tournament HD Texture Pack v3.0

Post by SC]-[WARTZ_{HoF} » Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:47 pm

https://www.moddb.com/mods/ut99hd/downl ... re-pack-30
Unreal Tournament HD textures 3.0 are here. This release is focused on completing all of the UT99 specific texture packages that were incomplete. UT99 is now HD from top to bottom!
Ver. 3 represents a fork in the road between the Unreal and UT99 offerings. The Ver. 1 and 2 releases were focused on completing the Unreal textures. The new UT99 pack now contains 82 .utx packages, while the Unreal version has 28. All of the textures in UT99 are now HD, including bonus pack 1-4 textures. The UT 2nd CD S3TC textures are not needed when using this pack.

For a complete HD Unreal experience use this HD pack with the HD Skins mod By Lightning Hunter

Installation \ Configuration

For UT99 be patched to 436 and use an updated renderer such as:



Warning- never use these textures on a server or when mapping.

In short, there are only 2 things needed to upgrade Unreal’s textures to HD. Overwrite the original .UTX files with the new ones.
Have “use S3TC=TRUE” in the renderer preferences.Download the version of these textures for Unreal227 or UT99 depending on what you are going to use. If you are not going to be playing on servers at all, the different versions are actually interchangeable. Having the right version installed is required by most servers however or you will get a version mismatch error. For Unreal 227 I also recommend turning on shadows in Preferences - Pawn Shadows - realtime, and decoration shadows.
Also in Advanced options set Rendering - VolumetricLighting to true for your renderer. This turns on fog effects (UT99 as well)

-Epic Games - they created a relatively small number of HD textures that came on UT99 disc 2. And of course all of the original textures...
-Diehard SCWS- created a huge number of textures included here.
-AHaigh01 -that's me.
-Lightning Hunter- For lots of advice and consultation throughout the creation process of this HD pack, and finding many errors. He also contributed his texturing skills to many textures, and made the HD skins mod.
-Krull0r - Also found many errors and gave many good suggestions

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