Still heading through shortest road

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Still heading through shortest road

Post by Nelsona » Tue May 12, 2020 3:42 pm

Editor common usage:
- Hit Actor Browser Select actor > expand Actor > Expand Navigationpoint > select PathNode > AND Then adding it into place... lol clicks

AlternatePath: Directly adding as Selected for Use our wanted class from a button in that context actor add menu - where default light is located without browsing, expanding, at least for common used Actors. UnrealEd.ini supports commands after all - commands done with a single click...

Code: Select all

Button27=Select Class PathNode,USelectPathNode, SETCURRENTCLASS CLASS=PathNode
Button28=Select Class PlayerStart,USelectPlayerStart, SETCURRENTCLASS CLASS=PlayerStart
First group until comma means context command help - explanation, next means BMP Icon file - this is button face from "editorres" folder, And ... commands that can be changed at will, okay BMP file can be edited as well in format 30 × 30 usually on 24 bits colors.
For those commands I'm using these bmp icon type files:
(5.75 KiB) Downloaded 13 times
Why ? In 469 I feel like I need more clicks and I got tired of X clicks per session... After click on Class Button, this is ready for being added without browsing actors...
Anyone recommending icons for defensepoints alternatePath FlagBase liftExit Liftcenter JumpSpot, and so on ?
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