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Good to know for New Comers

Post by Nelsona » Thu Mar 12, 2020 9:07 am

If you are back or new in UT there are a few default things to consider before playing ON-Line.
Default D3D video driver embedded in UT it's not perfect - it was tested probably only a few hours - trust me, I read what was about - they were seriously rushing to do a mess here.
There are known drivers, like D9D9Drv, which for me one it's the most suitable one. Reconsider to switch game's original video driver with this one. I'm not sure if OpenGL driver is helpful for everybody, someone told that we need to learn to work with it, probably... NOT AN ANSWER. Brightness here in certain environments DOESN'T Work - it's still based on a beta wreck - my two cents here.

All settings with regard to Display and such are going to UnrealTournament.ini file, you can figure each section over there.
What I did for my game in order to make it brighter: This section is placed in UnrealTournament.ini

Code: Select all

It's what I'm using - main value delegated with brightness it's called GammaOffset - that worked for me.

Reconsider choosing from Menu LAN at network preferences - Options > Preferences > Network - UT by default it's done for a 2 kb modem - Network Speed 2600. Who uses that now days ? You don't have to use dumb values (doable directly in UT.ini) because server will slow you down at the speed configured. I recommend putting bigger values than original, unless you'll see yourself killed by an invisible projectile when game has more players and more dynamic actors are moving around (chunks, fragments, etc).

I do not have hints for audio stuff unless you have problems with OS specific drivers - yes, there can be a problem with so many "updates". Newer UT drivers for me were collapsing game even doing blue screen errors proving that they LACK in sanity checks trying to use a hardware which doesn't exist. Others are simply hilarious in sound effects.

Bounty's Big Ass Sniper supports zooming - it's a SNIPER server after all - why not zooming ? I activated zoom because at a moment weapon doesn't zoom - I gotta figure what is about another time, EUTSource it's complex and I might not be able to screw it as I want. If server allows zooming you can do this with any weapon by setting up keys/mouse in User.ini file:

Code: Select all

Aliases[25]=(Command="FOV 20",Alias=Zoom)
Aliases[26]=(Command="FOV 100",Alias=Wide)
This is my sample. Aliases keys can be any two next numbers available if your 25 26 are taken by other key settings.
If weapon zoom doesn't work, this way should zoom weapon if server allows zooming.
Evil Sniper Server has zooming disabled even if this is a SNIPER type server which has weapons with a default Zoom feature, for a reason which escapes me but I'm not in charge to do game-settings over there.
M.G.S. aka Monster Gaming Server allows zooming by default, which means you can zoom any weapon. Why ? Zooming for me it's not a cheat, it's an option/feature. If you are using intensive zoom in a DeathMatch you might awake yourself telefragged/killed properly, as long as you won't see nearby enemies while you are constantly zooming weapon.
Forget this zoom if you are addicted to client v451/v451b - there zooming it's not available because it has a "fix".
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