Another Maps-Adjusting tool in run-time ?

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Another Maps-Adjusting tool in run-time ?

Post by Nelsona » Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:37 pm

Due to some permanent problems which maps are having but... they might be requested by players, I was thinking at a tool - Server-Actor similar to NavAdder but addressing HoF stuff - all assets should go tagged accordingly.
Different explained we do not have plans for adding navigation - it's doable but not primary goal - we might want "tweaks" for poorly worked maps, these being loaded if said map is running, addressing server-side operations not exactly mapping packages and XC_Engine dependent but... using it if it needs to be used in certain environments... What would be goals:
- preventing player to get bugged by a shitty playerstart placed in void or in a wall - recovering default position not for dumb ideas;
- adding triggers to some movers which are rushed for no purpose;
- adding more or less random items in whatever map X, Y, ect;
- destroy navigation network in corrupted maps and probably remapping PlayerStart actors;
- adjusting in wall texture flickering doors or getting rid of them completely at random or permanent.

Ideal case for a plain server with or without XC_Engine would be using an ini file explaining inside which maps are under track.
As advantage would be recovery of corrupted maps but which are not having geometry problems but settings problems.

Is this a good idea ? Anyone willing to participate ?
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