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Starting Option

Post by Nelsona » Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:52 pm

For those who have noticed how to start a server using the UT-Logo-Map. Some administrators may want some flexibility. More specifically, using a different UT-Logo-Map_xThing map. Then there will be a little bit of adaptability related to the suffix of the name used or even the definition of a specific map title to use when the server restarts programmed or if an unexpected error has occurred. Actor will check a partial name or a configured name without having a hard-coded name offering some flexibility.

To remember, this ServerActor convinces a MapVoteLA to randomly take a map and configured mods without making a mods-soup when server is restarting and running the startup map, because this issue might happen in multi-modded servers at first map.

As a virtual example, UT_Logo_Map_hof might be a default starting map, customized properly for HOF needs instead of default UT-Logo-Map.
It will run a few seconds triggering votes as usual, or if no player is connected will force MapVote to travel correctly with full control loading mutators properly. MapVote here has a LOGIC issue like gravity on Planet for those understanding what is about. MapVoteX has already embedded such a first travel thing, but that one won't work in XC servers, it's not like it's a very needed thing.
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