Map's Navigation Network aka Bot Support - basics

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Re: Map's Navigation Network aka Bot Support - basics

Post by Nelsona » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:41 pm

A few other hints and/or rules:
- a Network node can be a bit moved in spot if is not good without even to rebuild paths - no major problems are here;
- adding/removing a node to network heads to a rebuild. By adding a node it has to be placed in network, by removing a node, reachSpec array will have a hole crashing game when parts of network which are registered are missing - NEVER delete a node without rebuilding paths after that;
- paths can be forced with combos LE-LC-LE but this must be done knowing well geometry in that location in order to not create routes impossible to follow;
- a JumpSpot is not a magnetic field distracting Bot to jump if has no exit and entry - such a LiftCenter actor is never linked by Editor with a PathNode, these are blind points without LiftExit types and if you look well at those "awesome" junks, they do not even have any Path-Line heading from and to them.
BP_03.PNG (734.92 KiB) Viewed 54 times
Here image shows a BAD situation, I moved this a bit for a better visibility, what has to be noticed -> it doesn't have any connection with network and neither definition for LiftTag, no entry and no exit. As another note, here nodes are placed at around 300+ UU which is causing way TOO MANY for this simple geometry, to not mention those never reachable, entirely without purpose:
BP_04.PNG (971.65 KiB) Viewed 54 times
Here these two are demonstrating what I said in first post: Made sure a pawn can reach at your PathNodes and even resting there if wants. These two being in air, a pawn running/walking will NEVER reach there, Editor did not connected them at all. But... we do have some bullshit map saved and shared - good for use in learning "How Not to do" things.

A few explanations about Editor and how navigation directives are set.
In Actor class tree > Pawn > there is a pawn with a special purpose, Editor uses that VERY INTENSIVE - more than you can ever think, it's called Scout.
Scout is not very enhanced with wizard type properties or able to perform more stunts like in movies, is a probing pawn which Editor is using to test spots - that's why paths building takes time. This Scout is calibrated in multiple Collisions according to map's geometry and a path is defined if this Scout can be moved between points WITHOUT to Hit walls - collisions parameters which Scout has during tests are being set in reachSpecs. This is an array that cannot be accessed in plain Editor, we can read some data from this array but we cannot really change it how we want. Building network without having borks means a clean way between Nodes (except teleporters, lifts, or other custom things - various jumpers, etc.).
Perhaps for now it's enough for basics. We should practice pathing in plain maps and then we can switch to another chapter - advanced - which is... very beautiful and entertaining.
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