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MonsterHunt Source Code

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MonsterHunt Source Code
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shrimp wrote:Monster Hunt - Source code release license

Revision 1
02 February 2006


1. Intorduction
2. What you may do
3. What you may not do
4. An extra note


1. Introduction
This file serves to outline in very simple terms what you
may and may not do with the Monster Hunt (an
Unreal Tournament modification developed by myself,
Kenneth Watson - "Shrimp") source code.

Why release the source at all? Well, at this point, I have
no intention of further developing the mod. Since there are
still a number of people interested in both playing and
creating modifications for it, I feel releasing the code
would simply be the right course of action, otherwise it'll
just sit around, going to waste, modders will become
frustrated trying to figure out how everything works, and
players will get bored with plain old MH :).

2. What you may do
The following are a few things you MAY do with this source:
o You may redistribute, by any means, the original .zip
package containing the source code, as long as you leave
this license intact, and leave the source unmodified.
o You may use the source as a reference for building your
own mods or mutators which will be used with MH.
o You may create new Monster Hunt modifications based off
this source, however, you must name it in the following
fashion: "Monster Hunt: <ModName> Edition", where
<ModName> would be whatever you like. You must also give
due credit to the original creators, as outlined in the
credits file packaged with the released version of MH.
Reasoning expanded on in the "May not" section below.
o You may redistribute the source of any modification
you create based off this source, as long as you include
this original source package in your source release,
complete with this license.

3. What you may not do
The following are a few things you MAY NOT do with this
o You may NOT remove or alter the comment headers found
within the UnrealScript source. Obviously you may add
your own to any scripts you create.
o You may NOT use any of this source in modifications or
mutators not related to Monster Hunt.
o You may NOT create modifications based off this source
and release those modifications as something other than
the "Monster Hunt: <ModName> Edition" naming mentioned
above. This is to meant prevent you from simply
modifying a few things and releasing it as your own mod.
o You may NOT ever claim you created any of the code or
content within this package, unless you are already
mentioned in the comment headers found within the
UnrealScript source.
o You may not attempt to port this source to any other
game or engine.

4. An extra note
Just thought I should mention that Monster Hunt was my
first ever adventure with UnrealScript, I had not created
even so much as a simple mutator before jumping into this,
so if some things are a bit messy, or inefficient, or
whatever the case may be, I apologise in advance.
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