alexa is listening

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alexa is listening

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Re: alexa is listening

Post by Nelsona »

Nothing new...

What exactly you people did not get ?
It was a debate, an old dream to install a microphone in all houses from all people. Majority of people have started to get mad about privacy, nope, we don't want that.
Answer: Okay, we won't install any microphone, but we make you to happily buy some microphone even more microphones by simply embedding it/them into a default stuff which you will use and which is your daily friend - Example: that CHEAP PHONE. Any questions ? Nope ? Okay, keep moving.

Are you using by chance some voice service for writing stuff ? Voice for web search, to reach at a certain destination, team-speak stuff, etc.
All right, now your activity and voice is properly recorded based on YOUR own action and all your trails are perfectly drawn - movement speed, location, activity around you, etc.

Aside, let's fix a bit Title "Not only Alexa is listening". Now it should be all right.
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Re: alexa is listening

Post by Sean »

Pretty scary and intimidating, no ?

lol this world we live in.....
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