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Re: Changes to the Rental Server

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:46 am
by Diego_{HoF}
SC]-[WARTZ_{HoF} wrote:
Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:58 am
Nelsona wrote:
Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:43 pm
I was inspecting a little bit this server to see what's the deal as long as I did not see too many addicted people roaming around.

THIS is one of those things making me to quit blabbering during downloads and quickly quitting to join. That over USELESS double tagged map with annoying music has been downloaded at once with other 170-180+ MB of files, some of them being sent twice :? .

Not gonna bite, but probably keeping a server like this is a waste of money at service rental. If HOF's MH servers are going down based on some Real Life Issues, perhaps it's time to setup a bit of game-play here because at this moment there is nothing entertaining. Server is empty a lot of time, machine idling for no purpose.

I listen opinions, I have access there but I won't change anything before to speak with the rest of members/admins/moderators.

Proposals (according to MapVote places). First of all I'm in for a few things:
XC_MH - ONLY maps with/without patch files and NavAdder in stage - adding maps only if they are suitable for a good demonstration of MH there is not need for 700+ maps and player is voting 50 of them because those are working more properly;
MH2 - as alternate method for less advanced players - thinking which version, as long as my version can be way harder than original MH, My MH2 has monsters not clowns and in several maps this is more than noticeable;
- Custom DM using Monsters and Bots - perhaps even 1on1on1 - Human, Bot and Mr. Flakson - recommending sorted stuff from MapRaider - even reworked ported to UT stupid things if they are set properly;
- Custom CTF also supporting Monsters - NsMonster is Team-Ready + Bot Attitude correctly set - recommending maps from some old mapping contests not latest contests;
- MonsterHuntArena ? There are a few maps which are working - some of them fixed because were utter SH!T, and 2 others by me - MA repositories are poor in functional stuff, the most of these maps are broken by retarded aliens.

If you think that my proposals are not suitable for ON-Line, then I listen other proposals... If nothing it's desired, this server can sit empty until the last day of UT, I'm not concerned.

If some stock files are known with default UT bugs we might update them accordingly without disturbing players. Things can be polished for a quality gaming advantage.
Sounds fine to me. You got my vote.
I'm open for suggestions so go ahead, just want the rental server to be use anyway

Re: Changes to the Rental Server

Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:47 pm
by Nelsona
Around multi-gaming chapter, we might have here... Packages. This is the very last need for players but first need for such a server, always multi-servers have a lot of packages and majority of players don't want them like that. As I know so far some MapVotes are handling such things but have other issues and for me a MapVote with problems is a default "Never Do". I'm thinking to setup a few actors (more like XC actors) as long as XC_Engine can handle packages mapping and then... we can configure packages for each game-type used preventing to load CTF files for MonsterHunt and MonsterHunt stuff in CTF, DM. No one wants to download content just because our server is "cool" for playing a map having 3 MB but downloading 1 GB of data.
Here I'm thinking at a general server actor using some... ini file - this ini should have some definitions. Here admin will define packages for game-type A and way other packages for game-type B preventing to download an useless mountain of files. First move would be the concept of this tool for easy handling. Going to brainstorming stage...

Re: Changes to the Rental Server

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 1:20 pm
by Nelsona
I was finishing something but... I waiting some answers to my ticket for operating Ini file else doesn't worth efforts for more.
First inspection to server was leaving me a bit disgusted. I could see server messed up for no purpose. For admins not having too much clue what was there:
- Server starter actor from run-line works fine with MapVoteLA types and UT-Logo-Map and NOT OTHER WAY. This is causing MapVote to travel and loading correctly mutators without messing up by starting with a mutators soup - I know what I'm saying here, just leaving Mapvote to manage what has in configuration discarding initial server startup conflicting at random with MapVote's settings;
- Relics doesn't need to be twice mentioned in ServerPackages and, seriously... Don't you do have better ones ?
- Some skins granted to those "Added Bots" are BAD declared, logs are spamming my stomach...

I have coded yesterday some toy which I have to check it first. If NFoServers are not cooperating, I'll check it in my home server where I have FULL control over machine.
It is simple, working with packages that needs loaded only for certain game-types. In 32 game-types possible we might configure 32 packages for each game-type separate. So to speak, if we have stuff only for DM, player don't need it in MonsterHunt - will trigger them to be mapped as Packages only if game detected is desired class-name else they are not mapped. These ServerPackages are configured in ini file from this SERVERACTOR. This will prevent player to download a lot of packages which are not needed.
Continuing later - I have to check a new e-mail.

After requesting to change server's commandlet I want to see what will do tech team there. They asked what does that change so I pointed them to check directly because nothing will explode.
Second point, if they don 't accept stock files changes, those place-holder sounds and the rest of borks are the way down-hill for a server causing some limitations in using stuff. If they are not accomplishing my requests then I think I can quit to deal with them.

Re: Changes to the Rental Server

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:39 pm
by Nelsona
Back with news.
This server is one of those awesome 451 whatever version - "Thanks UTPG" and... SPECIAL THANKS goes to Creavion the lord of... WC stuff at random.
Map MH-Antalius (too bad for that design) seems to do sucks in this server - certain class (probably more or less native) from whatever Editor module/package doesn't exist and... server is not crashing but does a Travel Jump as long as cannot load Level. Goood Bye design and Good Night patch files...

I also did here some sort of testing stages. Another funky stuff do happens when autocompressLZMA is True. Some strange LZMT files are intended to be moved multiple times, like they have not been compressed before ever - those textures are crapped after all...
I switched a bit paths for U files as long as I did not see answers toward changing some files with other fixed ones. So I did a copy of system but not a default one - like I have in my server, another path. All is loaded but... this 451 or whatever can be is not that friendly as supposed for a "LATEST" UT update (my ass has a better update since I got the surgery last year). I see in MH2 TickRate set at 30 roaming around 24-25 and never going higher - probably here is not that relevant, UScript clocking (in my server returns real results).
The only thing which looks indeed like do works well is PING. F6 value from Net stats is very closer to F1 from scoreboard, I did not see this in more places. Here probably machine do seems to have some Network stuff better polished, a big Plus for networking.

Right now I'm still waiting for answers toward a new commandlet... Ticket is still open...

Re: Changes to the Rental Server

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:59 pm
by SC]-[WARTZ_{HoF}
I'm gonna look into how much it will cost to rent a vds through nfoservers. Reason is I might just retire from hosting my own vds down the road.

Re: Changes to the Rental Server

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 10:01 am
by medor
Map MH-Antalius

there is one previous map and monster crashing build
this one ave not the bug and the right package monsters probably ant.u ...

Re: Changes to the Rental Server

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:45 am
by Nelsona
Finally I could figure the problem. It's hard to see things over there as long as logs are just junks (Yeah Barbie, junkie logs) when server does a hang or some funky crash. But because server jumps over map, I was playing next one until logs were bigger enough for being visible. By using this stupid method I could see that some Editor stuff was missing even from rental server - definitely these services are not editing maps. I have uploaded all editing "needs" - and then map was still "jump-crashing". After moving ahead I figured log saying something about whatever "lega" file having some un-existent class/object called. I replaced that supposed trash "Lega.uax" which server had with file from my server.
Victory ! Map was loaded and running.

Still trying to figure how to gain crash-logs - by brutalizing server's task logs are not flushed/saved correctly, there is nothing to see for such cases, Lol NfoServers.

After a few hours I was asked about the new commandlet, I mean more info has been requested, so I pointed direction with a few explanations. I wanna see the deal...
Returning to game improvements.
After dodging away from their "awesome" stock, I could manage to have a new QUEEN, not a stupid bitch as was known so far, but I think this is what I want to see at "The Queen" rather than going retarded in endless teleporting. Hints for checks: MH-CrystalMine2_2011(patched for A.I.), Kings_And_Servervants_R18, MA-Queens, MH-AfterDark[final], and so on with the rest.
At this time I'm still looking for various options for a good MH ground.

IP address of this server is unreal:// for curious people. Server is under re-construction, These days I will add DeathMatch types with Monsters and the rest of what I was doing last time.

Re: Changes to the Rental Server

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:44 pm
by Nelsona
Another note: If players have issuse with memory toward accessing an UT server using Ip Address. For this server we have alternate option, using hostname accordingly. Access to server is doable by using this game-link (Open Location position from menu)

Notes toward service:
Founder himself has responded to my request and server has now run-line according to XC_Core's Server Commandlet. As you can see, server uses XC_Engine v21.
Current load:
- XC_MonsterHunt - pure so far I will see if some regen is needed because for me is not like I need such things for that collection of maps loaded there - only a few but tweaked or good ones;
- some of my MH2 - I did not released that yet because I wanna see more how do it works;
- MonsterHuntArena - known or less known game/maps;
- A Custom DeathMatch - monsters will play DM too;
- A Custom Team DeathMatch - simple but including monsters.

I'll sort out for future if some CTF maps are suitable here for a CTF party + Monsters of course. If exist other nice and stable known games I'll be glad to know.

Edit: Server uses a few default packages (Skins, etc.) but content specific for custom games is mapped as "ServerPackages" only when server is running them preventing player to wait ages for downloading files that aren't needed for that session. Server uses XC channel for files which aren't found in redirect (I'm not wasting time with them as long as XC_Engine can be a redirect place-holder).

Re: Changes to the Rental Server

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:20 am
by Diego_{HoF}

I hope the skins and voice packs i added on the bots didn't screw up the server much, i wanted to give them some magic and make them unique in one way, if is possible to keep them as i left them would be nice but if not its ok

Re: Changes to the Rental Server

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:33 am
by Nelsona
What was done since forever toward "new bots" is just a default copy, I mean each new bot has NOTHING fixed but using a new mesh and skins. I'm not gonna mention why I did some removals, some of those was only talking f...k, f...k, and so on spamming chat with "f..k" word like a retard multiple times in a minute - whoever did that voice pack is an idiot or a sort of pedophile - even kids are playing UT, btw. This is an UT server not a Kama-Sutra server to see pawns f..k..g all day long and 24/7. No files have been deleted but I have set my MBot_F as long as those "default Bots" have nothing fixed but way spammy and non-stop talking sh!t having no skill.
In other order, read what Medor was posting and others, When you are forcing player to download 60+ MB of server files no one will play - generally people are not interested about colored Bots and to download X MB. Evidence was the last server data from game-tracker shown in banner, no one was there for weeks - yeah, very unique server, no wonder. Other admins are not even using any sort of Bot - for them an empty CTF server is the target as useless as it is.

This server will have some different setup and things improved for a better functionality rather than only running default borks to annoy player.
Probably MBot_G (when I'll have more time to spend) will be a hybrid able to deal with various classes, wearing different voices and suits, but here it's hard to promise more things as long as "experts" were not respecting animation rules making a mess in their own way, and then Botz by Higor went into the same trap when pawns have no animations, server-logs cannot be read having X GB.