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Post by SC]-[WARTZ_{HoF} » Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:19 pm

Requires XC_Core 8
(39.35 KiB) Downloaded 66 times
Alternate Link --------> UT99.org

Unreal Tournament launcher

- Render setup/recovery window removed.
- MainLoop uses QueryPerformanceCounter instead of RDTSC for timer measuring, there shouldn't be any need to setup CPUspeed or anything.
- Can be opened multiple times at the same time.
- Uses enhanced malloc and log interfaces.
- Log window internally caches messages to avoid opening/closing the log file when shown.
- When the program is named XC_Launch.exe both LOG and INI default to "UnrealTournament"
- Can specify fullscreen resolution by adding it to the command line (ex: ut.exe -1920x1080)

XC_Core interfaces:

== FMallocThreadedProxy:
Uses spinlocks to prevent multiple threads from using the game's allocator.
Implemented in XC_Launch without importing from XC_Core.dll

== FOutputDeviceFileXC:
Improved log output device for launchers and UCC apps.
Safe to log lines of any char length.
Uses Windows \r\n newline characters regardless of platform.
Adding -logflush to the app's command line will force flush after every line.
The log file can be opened in read-only mode while the app is still running.
If two apps attempt to use the same filename, another file with a '_2' appended to it will be used.

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