Combined anticheat mod

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Combined anticheat mod

Post by Kelly » Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:33 pm

Heston asked me to post this and I really see no reason not to since I'll almost surely never run another server. A few years back I assembled a private anticheat that would fill in the blanks that ACE doesn't (or didn't at the time) cover. Some of it is specific to monsterhunt, some of it is used to address single issues, but overall it makes a robust player check mod.

Let me first say this mod does NOT replace ACE in any way. It's designed to work along side ACE (or alone, doesn't matter). It looks at each player joined to the server and checks integrity of their settings. Most players (the good ones) aren't even aware that you can set things client side to see through walls, make players WAY more visible, lighten very dark maps, etc. This mod helps to ensure that your players aren't doing any of that stuff.

The anitcheat is broken down into modules that can be turned on or off depending on your current needs. It also has the ability to log silently so you can be aware of your players who are cheating and they will not know it until you are ready to confront them. More than once it has happened that trusted members of a group were identified by this and it was a good thing that comprehensive proof was gathered beforehand. It's very hard to argue with multiple logs over multiple games.

Anyway instructions are included. This is the first and only mod I have ever fully obfuscated so you won't be able to extract the source code. Since I am publicly posting the mod it will now be possible for someone to bytehack a pass but this can be dealt with by recompiling the mod. If you suspect someone has done a bypass just let me know and I'll send you an update. I made it super simple to do (for me) and you can update as often as you like, no worries. It's way easier for me to recompile than it is for them to find the values to hack and then work out the bypass. More on that privately if you think there may be a need, just PM me.

Some things to remember: unlike ACE many of these "catches" are not designed to be single-instance "I-gotcha!" Take for instance the net hack part of the mod. It flags players who change their net speed. If this happens once or twice then it may be the player is just fiddling with settings. If it happens a bunch, especially when the player is running with a flag, well then their dirty ass is trying to cheat by making themselves very hard to hit. Remember, it's about building a profile of a suspect and not individual instances that this mod flags them. Well, unless it's an antitweak setting and you can clearly see the player is wall-hacking ;)

I'm sure you will have questions about this mod so feel free to PM me here or email me and I'll address anything you might need to know. And yes, I'm happy to send the source code to you if I know you. I'm going to post a how-to on how to properly obfuscate code later this weekend so you'll know how to protect this mod if you want to continue working on it.

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Re: Combined anticheat mod

Post by Diego_{HoF} » Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:43 pm

Good Job



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