SLV beginners guide.

Strangelove, the ride the rocket mod for UT99.
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SLV beginners guide.

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SLV beginners guide: ... de-t6.html

Once you alt-fire the Strangelove, you will be riding a SLV. You can steer the rocket with your mouse, and contol your speed using the direction keys.

forward/back: throttle up/down
jump or alt-fire: eject
fire: toggle afterburners
duck: toggle "shoot mode"
next/prev. weapon: warhead status

There are no brakes. Deceleration is much slower than acceleration. The afterburner eats up fuel like crazy and increases your acceleration and top speed.
When in "shoot mode", the HUD disappears and you may freely look around and take shots at people. You can't control the rocket while in "shoot mode", however. The only command you can use is jump (eject).
Depending on server configuration, there are three warhead options. Auto, armed, and disarmed. See default warhead status option in "Options".
When you run into a teammate on your Strangelove, they will become your gunner. The gunner operates exactly like the pilot when in "shoot mode". They are free to shoot but cannot move until they eject.

Don't SPAM!
Also don't shoot slvs without no reason (no confirmation of an enemy) and don't shoot slv after slv after slv (see the beginners guide how to launch ONE quick aimed slv instead). This is considered SPAM and unskilled playing and will get you banned. An unarmed kill is always more satisfying than an armed kill.
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