Random events - not a charm

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Random events - not a charm

Post by Nelsona » Fri Jan 25, 2019 8:52 am

The sniper server was off-line due to a player-voted map versus changes in XC_Engine related to finding an available PlayerStart. We have disabled these "fast" additions because this is a clear example of a map with dumb content - PlayerStart24 - the default DeathMatchPlus class takes 16 pieces, not 100, not 1000, when the new iterator tried to do something with this PlayerStart24 which it's not on the map in the usable area, the server went to the world of death. If we do not change default UT strategy with these PlayerStart, the 24th place in the void is not even taken into account.
It could also be the case with dealing with "items" when we have a weapon that wants to bring ammo when it's already replaced and trying to load something that does not exist anymore. We only want to solve problems without repairing things that are not corrupted. In order to do this we need details that we can find only in the log files. Changes made to the sniper server refer to the server-start and log-timestamp based, bad maps are just... bad maps - preferably to be repaired by a more experimented mapper than by an ordinary cube designer.
I do not ask you what Nexgen does when checks a player which is not having a place to start and is rejected shortly.

In coding terms, I'll do future XC modules Configurable/Flexible instead with original hard-coded fixes - we have to deactivate any "fast" deal if it brings a new damage.
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