That is the supposed 451b

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That is the supposed 451b

Post by Nelsona » Sun Jul 29, 2018 1:37 pm

Small thoughts around last UT patch UnOfficial a la UTPG.

General "fixed" stuff occurrences.
As long as we know that some native crashes are accelerated in 451 versions than the rest plus other not fixed fixes, I was trying today some package completions for being conformed in a so called "Generation 21".
During working stage with that crapped "operational" Editor I was surprised to see how much was ruined by those "experts". Editor was saving as "selected packages" those which were not selected and then packages not selected were saved successfully screwing ALL stock packages/files from System folder - ENTERTAINING UTPG "fixes"..., now I understand what was Higor trying to say...
All right, I saved Engine.u file with fixes and... trying to conform it with "original" 451b. You don't want to see what happened next...
I think they have Hard-coded in DLL file a checksum or whatever memory mapping or hell knows what they did, suppressing any option in fixing Left Over trash behind them, which means I will not be able to fix:
- WarpZoneMarker shit code;
- Mover tweaking;
- Some Speed hack mitigation;
- All trash calling unfixed PlayerCanSeeMe stupidity;
- and so on.

The only hope so far is XC_Engine. The rest is blabbering around "last fixed UT Engine" v 451b. The mess whcih they did with those classes and ruining Editor for me doesn't make any sense, which gives me all required reasons to completely delete this piece of crap.
Jessus Christ !

Edit: I've figured evil memory corruption sources, some INT files have been dropped around and I went to rebuild Main file according to 451b - awesome.... Operation successful so far. XC_MH NfoServer has now big monsters (Titans in Cause) taking damage from ShockBalls and Rockets but not those insane bigger monsters...
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