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Screen things

Post by Nelsona » Sat May 26, 2018 5:43 pm

I was not sure how to deliver the name for the stuff bellow.
Because on my newer display I found way too big default "crosshair" things, I was doing some research about changing them with other ones... UTRP did not work for some reason (I'm not gonna waste time for finding why something like that doesn't work), it was more simple to draw some needed crosshair types which are more suitable for my needs and these can be used anytime as long as Textures won't do any Accessed Nones :lol: , painted pixel by pixel. I decided to share them for whoever has a similar situation with me - big screen and way too big crosshair. Resources being 256 colors bmp files are available in archive for figuring what is about.
5 Crosshairs which I'm currently using as Player Stuff
(63.05 KiB) Downloaded 47 times
Install instructions and images are included in the document coming with archive.

Known cons:
When a mod or a sort of add-on does advanced modifications to the HUD changing every detail, then you cannot deal with such custom things as long as that mod is taking control over all display.
Not often maintained
My UT Mapping works...
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