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Re: NavAdder mutator

Post by Nelsona » Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:36 pm

First Post Update:
Added patching files for Map MH-LandsOfNapali for game-type MonsterHunt and similar ones.
Map's checksums:
  • CRC-32: 620b75b0
    MD5: 6afebc36db3e1170e131ee797f265504
    SHA-1: 6bf3fe08a1fd98a923be7d184056ac809530728f
    SHA-256: 3bd72fa84abe77d94c8dfbfea9f7879835b81a115074c2ba1b8ab14672d3c2ea
Goal for tweaking this overloaded done by a bad mixing idea is reducing paths seeking load done by any A.I. For playing OFF-Line Newer created Navigation Network will fade to invisible mode after spawn trying to not bug visibility around.
Due to this problem and to the map-load, patching goes slower, mutators based on navigation will require to "wait" else... results are funky. Given said problem - solvable, I can say that this patch is... a little nasty or tricky or... maybe even obsolete, definitely I'm not gonna debate in particular a few hundreds of bad NavigationPoint actors and... done quickly, UE1 won't allow such stunts.
Whoever has problems at using these files might have an alternate option to play map in Monster Gaming Server.
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