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Re: max Ban appeal

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:13 am
by Cool Cat
Okay i want to add something too.
When i first saw max i noticed how quickly he disappear when admins coming in on server or somebody began spectate. At some point it become grotesque.
Excuse me, but if u disconnect the minute admin come to server, then it suspicious.
I will not comment sometimes unreal results against strong players. Maybe you that good? Then why your behavior is that much suspicious. At least when i change nicks it meant something - like reference to some movie or to activist movement that i sympathize. But your nick changes look like you wanna drop the heat.
About this random change in skills. You know, slavian players known in computer games for dependence on psychological condition - like even on cybertournaments there was some Belarus or Ukrainian team that show WorldChampion results, beating best team as God beat the turtle and then next match badly lose to mediocre team nobody knows about it. Or maybe you just get tired or doesn't know map...
But your change of skills, in past year, come often when admins is on server... Suspicious... No i don't have proof. And maybe you are THAT good. Who knows...
After all, when i was active on server in 2018\2019\2020 people often accuse me of cheating. My favorite quote when somebody (damn i forgot who it was) sad: "Nobody can be that good". I don't chase fame, so i didn't screenshot it. Maybe i should after all...
But what that people didn't know is that almost all admins of Evil Sniper Server watch me as spectators for many hours. So they know that i am clear.
I want to post this screenshot from october 2020:
15 headshots.png
15 headshots.png (1.15 MiB) Viewed 2665 times
I even wrote in chat then - suspicious. It not that other people was playing bad in that match. It just that i was faster then they. Meanwhile you have baziillion headshots. It's not a proof. But i just try to show other people who read this why so many people who play with max think he is sus.
Also i watch your video. It interesting, but it have poor quality. The main picture should be the game, and smaller picture in corner. I think using modern GPU and good webcam it is possible to create better video that have picture in picture and is synchronized.
P.S. In quake3 community several years ago was butthurt about Miroslav, who was actually VERY good. So he record a video. Here it is:

Of course if you wanna do video like that, you should blur yourself on video or cover yourself with hoodie, etc.

Re: max Ban appeal

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2021 9:00 am
by Nelsona
Okay let's make a review. It was TOLD - because I do have memory and forum has memory too...
About "it's more like a radar".
In the EXTERNAL video posted by Max (IT'S NOT about quality, it's about The GAME in front of PLAYER) - a human eye demo, it's not a competition in using High Tech devs - I could not see any strange pointer or something like a radar.
Points which I want:
- Show me that "more like a radar";
- Describe me what exactly what do I need to see with meaning of a cheat - you can explain in any sort words.

I spectated Max a few time and I could see +13 points over the rest, he was playing without to stop or anything - once he left perhaps because was there for a long time and his gaming was enough for that day... Light me what exactly I failed to see at Max when is the Big Max...

Yelling: Cheater ! Cheater ! Out of images or a video footage pointing some moments doesn't help. Probably a pro cheat which can be used now days is moving smoothly but I don't think it fails in aiming and game which Max has played it's not like has 100% accurate shots or something escapes me and then I need you to explain me what did I missed. Perhaps the toy is capable to simulate well uber human skills and then I need to see another video posted by a cheater in order to show me what exactly do I need to figure out.
More to say, not all maps are the same, maps less played might be unknown heading to another "skill" because knowing map and spawning spots is an Advantage for those having a bit of skill. Me personally I can play MonsterHunt wiping floors in my "coffee moments" and being killed 30+ times in my "zombie moments" - draw conclusions. Of course, there are some inconclusive facts which I caught in Evil Sniper server but I won't nominate names, maps or anything out of evidences more or less posted in public - not all words from chat are suitable for a public forum... those ones I'm restricting directly in machine I don't step in server for that.

Tiny story: I was playing once in a NewNet Server wiping floor with those Bots. Suddenly someone went spectator for figuring how the heck I'm doing that. Very Simple, Powerful gun and coming right behind Bot, network latency it's the same, but damage control goes to the player and then Player says I killed Bot when Bot did not even see player yet, due to stupid replication changes which NewNet has. I don't know if I was recorded or such but definitely I was showing the mess which NewNet does to A.I. - it was one of my "coffee moments"...

Re: max Ban appeal

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2021 9:25 am
by max
Where are those profs?

U dont have it and u will never have it.

There are still lots of good player in this game but u banned allmost every single one.
Zippar aka pure h2o

Nice work there u ban horny noob

Re: max Ban appeal

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2021 8:04 am
by [SV]ArcaoN
BluEyedBitch_{HoF} wrote: Wed Jan 20, 2021 10:20 am Who do u think you are telling me how to improve my game play ?? I don't need improvement I started out with the ESR in 99 when I was in BDC , I know how to aim and dodge! And if you weren't such an ini tweaker then I would mop all the floors in the maps with your ass. I know a good player when I see one and you are not one by any means.
Im sorry to say this but you talking to an NBK member. the top guys in UT99 sniping. if you visit a proper sport server like [SV] freestyle you will see players having skills in this game what you never even saw before. its not just NBK btw there are a lot of great players from [SV] [OG] -]LST[- and guess what. they all got banned on EVILS server. the top 10 players in UT sniping are from these teams. You can have fun on this message if you want but visit our server for a try. or anyone. They will make you think about deleting the game. im here since 99. 20 fucking long years and same about max. hes years are maybe not 20 but still around 15. Do you really think any of us need any special shit to kill a huge amount of bots on the servers? especially with a rifle that got exploding bullets lmao. even with a normal weapon we never miss a fucking shot :)

ofc i understand you dont wanna meet guys like us. but if you wanna see whats up someone meet me on the SV freestyle server. give me a date and time and i show you what type of game we play and trained for decades lol.
And we wont bann anyone for skills at least ;)

But ofc its funny even the HoF guys are getting banned from the HoF server :tease:


Re: max Ban appeal

Posted: Mon Sep 13, 2021 10:25 am
by Nelsona
Bumping timer at banning chapter.

Stage 1 is taking in account that said server looks no longer a HOF server and maybe is oriented in banning HOF regulars as I was informed in PM.

Stage 2 Perhaps it's time for building another server exclusively aiming HOF members and other guests without "NFR" administration and let's see then who is playing where and why.

I'm curious what is saying the rest of admins staff, because said server has a banner for advertising but later members are restricted without any video capture, without anything as evidence for restriction operated against players for various reasons.

Re: max Ban appeal

Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2021 9:39 am
by Cool Cat
Nelsona wrote: Mon Sep 13, 2021 10:25 am Stage 2 Perhaps it's time for building another server exclusively aiming HOF members and other guests without "NFR" administration and let's see then who is playing where and why.
Exactly. And such server is, in my opinion, already exist - it is Blue's server. It's just seat empty most of the time despite that it is a great server. Because HOF members rarely play there.
We all should set time, for example, evening of Friday and Saturday to gather together and play. And this applies to all, including you, Nelsona. 8-)
I may say several more words in topic of Blue server.

Re: max Ban appeal

Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2021 9:46 pm
by Nelsona
Oh well, perhaps my tastes are pointed in Monster side of the game. I worked too much time at those things and I think time has come for enjoying what I've done. The rest of "hunters" are quickly leaving when monsters are slaughtering them. It's sad to see these human beings unable to deal with brainless creatures, they are only rushing and nothing else. And... I don't ban anyone there, they are leaving by themselves.

Max was banned, other members were banned. Probably only players that can be defeated by novice Bots are accepted :?.