How to Identify Aimbot,Hax and cheaters?

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How to Identify Aimbot,Hax and cheaters?

Post by Diego_{HoF} » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:12 am

Multi wrote:often times you can easily catch people, I mean if you suspect people, then spectate, then from there, open your console and type

behindview 1

Then hit enter ^^ Just like that from there, you may want to start a demo or fraps or something similar since proof is often better reviewed by a second party to confirm it's not your eyes playing tricks on you.
Someone you trust generally a higher up admin would do the trick.

Aimbots And what to look for:
Snappy movements (For example, a person's crosshair is on a wall, all the sudden, it is INSTANTLY on the enemy and he kills them or shoots out of jet)
Typically these are REALLY easy to spot since the player will often times have a very diffiult time moving or dodging.
'Instant' 180 turns, (You know, the type where the player is facing you, and all the sudden, he's looking directly the opposite direction)
Always getting the same general type of kill or using the same types of weapons
When I say type of kill, when they aim they either always aim at the head, or the body or for instance the leg, I say leg because there are a few known bots that pinpoint locations on the player.
These weapons are almost always Instant hit weapons, such as, he ASMD Shock Rifle, The Instagib, the Enforcer, or The Sniper rifle.
Now there are legit players, like L33t, Satwo, Grim, etc, that tend to favor these weapons so this is where you need to know exactly what you're looking for, mistak4es will often lead to chaos otherwise.
~There are different types of aimbots,
Ones that will only aim at whats in front of them or within a specific view point/radius
This is called, "AimAngle" very often times mistaken for a trigger bot because you can set the radius to 1' or 180' or even 90' and so on,
The jerky or snappy movement will still be there, you just need to have a sharp eye.

Triggerbots and what to look for:
These are ALOT harder to spot, but a trained eye will find them just as easily as an aimbot.
Sweeping movements;
Well this is self explanatory, but let me elaborate.
The player is running, and when he's shooting at someone his croshair and screen keeps going left to right, rather quickly with the player as the center of it.
Now this isnt the work of the bot, but rather the work of the player trying to get the crosshair over the enemy to shoot at them. often times these types of cheaters always use ASMD Shock Rifle, Insta, Or sniper.
That's about it for this one, since there's not alot more to go by.

Well these aren't always the easiest to figure out often even harder then any other cheat type out there,
Because they reside in the player that's using it's screen, and doesnt help them shoot in any way.
It's still able to be found via spectate though,
Ok, say for instance, a player, he just always seems to know, exactly where you are?
Well sure once or twice can pass as coincidence, but radars often also tell the player who has the flag, who has shield how much shield they have what weapon they have out their location and distance from you AND how much health they have.
So finding them is indeed a bit more difficult but all you need to do is watch them carefully, because say a map like Artic fighter, PLENTY of places to hide, but also easy to find radar users, I mean say a cheater gets sniped by a team mate, all the sudden, he respawns and head directly for the flag carrier who is pretty well concealed.
Flag carrier sees him, kills him, then moves to another location that is just as well concealed but no where near the first, and the cheater heads dierectly for him, yet again. It's often the way it is for finding radar users. they always know exactly where the enemy is, regardless.

If it seems they never miss chances are you're dealing with an Aimbot Often times Jerky/ INSTANTLY locking onto the enemy movements is included.
Sweeping movements left to right, right to left, and so on, Typically entailS a triggerbot,
ALWAYS knowing the enemy's location, typically entails radar.

But overall
Use your best judgement Chances are if it's someone like Schlong, the odds of them cheating are Zero.
And always get a second opinion if you're unsure.

Just my $0.02 ;]



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