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Re: -]LST[-*RUIN*

Post by Nelsona » Fri May 31, 2019 5:20 am

I ran second video and not everything is really relevant, zoom and network might cause bad replication positions and rotations but...
I still want explanations about INITIAL Video from FIRST post. Here are indeed some strange appearances but if exist a network problem (small lag or packet lost) client will fail to get an update 100%. In exchange for me first video is more relevant. Else with my Mozilla installed in a lousy WinXP system I downloaded ALL, but A-L-L archives, I opened them with 7Zip and I ran movie in MPC-HC media player. I witnessed matches where not a single time weapon's cross-hair was in another spot than bullet and victim, but that's probably because zoom was used. Else, I recorded and uploaded a similar movie for player AS which is closer to the movie presented in first post - that is interesting to explain... and then THIS topic has a TITLE. If you cannot download first video maybe you can read the TITLE so if you have something to say about defending "RUIN" guy (our style bla bla), say it, else I don't get the point of "I cannot see", please show me on Youtube.
Me one, I won't upload anything on any YouTube - I'm not going to comment or debate any video or copyright or whatever issue which YouTube might "deliver". Movies are short, packed, I don't see any problem at downloading a file from forum, seriously.

If you want to help, then contribute with explaining first video - I listen: why, how, when, etc. instead of monkeying with no reason in a topic addressing mainly admins. And maybe you have explanations about the other video for Player AS or such.
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