Energetic SkTroopers

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Energetic SkTroopers

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These are 3 skin sets for the Sktrooper model created by Usaar33 in the original Olskool package.
It will also work for the SkaarjTrooper model in the Unreal1 Models package.

Textures came from an energetic Boss model, which I edited up an .int file for and renamed the .utx file to match... ish.

I vaguely recall there was some difficulty when I set this up (very long time ago) but I can't remember how I got around it. Wish I could as I'm having a difficulty now.

When I tried editing it for the Male Solider & Female Soldier this month it didn't entirely work. For me, as a player model, it works fine... but it's not showing up at all on bots.

I'll probably figure this out eventually, but for now it's very annoying.

https://www.mediafire.com/file/epg637e5 ... hunder.zip
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