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Revamp Maps

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 3:55 am
by D13GO_{HoF}
Ok ladies and gentleman, Here they are, my series of maps that will be revamp using my current style.

Also they got some changes too in a series of aspects that will be clarify in each one, so let start now.

Thanks to Dr. Flay MP3/MP4 to OGG to UMX method to improve the music quality
and to Sektor and Nelsona to teach me about custom actors


Yep, this map is back, this time is not as big as the original one but is not small either and the traps are ready to kill you, hehehe.

-Updated Layout, removed the exterior area and changed the interior to make the powerups in the top and bottom and the fights in the middle.
-Textures base in the PS1 Gem Valkyrie Profile.
-Music changed to the same game the textures are based off.
-Traps are still there however they can now activate them by shooting the buttons, with a 10 sec activation and a 5 sec cooldown.
-Some Items got change to sprites based in the game.


Ok, this map has the least changes and its based in the Mario Textures Schwartz made before but it still got some changes too.

-Textures updated to SNES Super Mario World Textures instead of NES Mario Bros.
-Music got updated to be better quality now
-Custom Items Added with their own SFX(though not the best quality sadly...)
-Fixed the Doors Movers and make them work like in UT99

And Finally, the star of my maps and the one i'm proud of

This one is still recent but wanted to give it the last changes it needed to make it special.

-Updated Music with better quality.
-Main Area changed to a octogon from a rectangle.
-Custom Items now have sound effects of the game Freedom Planet.
-Due to be a big map, i made a smaller and more condense map for smaller fights.
-Layout changed with some extras added.