Dinos and Skaarj and Gargoyles... Oh my!

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Dinos and Skaarj and Gargoyles... Oh my!

Post by evilgrins » Tue Feb 05, 2019 10:44 pm

Originally intended to do a lot more here, like weapon swaps, but I suppose as is should be okay. Idea to edit this came to mind a couple years back when on some forum (think it was Fuzzy's) someone was complaining about players who rush for the exit rather than kill most monsters on a map first...

...so my thought process was try and make that a little bit more difficult.


Map is essentially the same as standard MH-LostInTime, but I've swapped some monsters with some standard stuff and some not so standard. To access the exit you gotta trigger switches on various points all over the map, which even under normal circumstances isn't that easy... but for those that rush to the end while everyone is thoroughly hunting monsters, I left 2 of my fave monsters near the exit to make it a bit trickier.

Yeah, most know my fave monsters are Skaarj (which I did put more of on this map) but they're not my only faves.

I especially love monsters that're not so easy to kill.

Enjoy · http://www.mediafire.com/file/a6qirx382 ... TimeEG.zip

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