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Re: Those wrong ones

Post by Nelsona » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:36 pm

When ever I had some free time I did some checks and modifications to said LavaTower "uni-zoned" map. Too much TT_Shoot affinity for no purpose (if trigger is not unreachable why do I need to shoot it since I can touch it, not enough ammo, no healing, but happily setting up an Insta meeting spot where all player wants to reach or to camp in a redeemer zone for killing monsters without no fight ignoring tutorial's recommendations.
The cake in stage is that dumb idea to bring monster in battle-field from a spot VIA a mobile teleporter, and this teleporter is not protected against blocking it making monster trapped and option to break map if server won't crash at collision problems - because those are chained as critical ones - All SpawnPoints might collide and blocking spawning, I think these are going to be replaced and moved for a clean spawn. This will take a while, but it can be fixed - editing here because patching won't bring zones and neither other needs.
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