Apocalypse Maps' weapons

Game conversions or mutators.
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Apocalypse Maps' weapons

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They're not called that, but it's how I think of them. Use them to deal with truly tough monsters I setup a bunch for dealing with them.
I got them from Bulldozer's map which I edited into DM-XV-Chicago, but if they're from mutators I don't have those; except for the InstaCombo which I do.

Only the .u files for:
· Blossomatic2
· MAC10 9mm
· Bin-Slayer Sniper Rifle
· Bones BoomSniper
· CherryBomb Rifle
· BuniDuster Rifle
· explosive crossbow

In case anyone else wants to map with them:
https://www.mediafire.com/file/9pli78wg ... eapons.zip
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