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Re: MonsterHunt Versions & History

Post by medor » Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:08 am

OMG what a big work 1-2 years :o

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Re: MonsterHunt Versions & History

Post by Nelsona » Wed Feb 12, 2020 4:39 pm

As you know me, I'm not releasing mods just to fill repositories, and this rule is... stronger now days, because we claim that game has 20 years old which means whatever "experience" accumulated and goofing it's not a purpose covered with excuses called alpha, beta, etc.
So far I'm thinking if worth wasting time because you can't have all mapping errors covered. For being open and honest, some maps post year 2012 are containing an explosion of dumbness, a full-time stupidity, a controller delegated with fixing all bugs created by "species" it's crashing server based on iterations - for the record my dream for teaming monsters in that MH v504 it's not a charm in maps with 1600+ creatures = game crash = Engine limit reached. Mapper was not interested about using CreatureFactory actor, he made a mess getting even over maximum number of network channels used by UE1. What for ? I don't know...
Why ? Because actually we don't have advanced tutorials and MH is a special thing not exactly like Coop. Worth writing tutorials ? No... because they are not reading anything.
Conclusion ? This is the big question. Draw conclusions. If you ask them politely to quit bullshitting, you'll be surprised to see what answers you'll get back, at a moment I got banned in some place without a comprehensive reason explained in public - Like I could not use another Account, IP or such, enough for considering the place dead, yes, exactly like my father, irreversible dead without "respawn", because this sort of attitude it's not part of my daily menu.

A nice reply for XXI-th century would be in theory something... funny. Maps having stock and/or custom known good packages might be part of game, other customs are discarded quitting game or instantly ending game with reason "Toilette hunting ground" written with big letters. This way mod will get hard-coded protected against dumb guessing at making "packages" and "maps", probably even generating executable bat files for deleting those junks and the same with known fake/duplicated packages. N00b admins will say that such a mod is crap as long as their trash ground is ruined in exchange for quality things - filtered - so it won 't have addicted users, and then doesn't worth a huge work.
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