{HoF} Server Rules Etiquette & Guidelines

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Re: {HoF} Server Rules Etiquette & Guidelines

Post by SC]-[WARTZ_{HoF} »

Report this in-game next time Fragme_{HoF} is actively playing. He has the ability to mute clients.
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Re: {HoF} Server Rules Etiquette & Guidelines

Post by Nelsona »

Perhaps if the man of words is tired of playing here and you are getting tired of muting these people we can move to next Level...
I know how is playing good players here, if those frustrated ones want to win against better ones and they start making a mess, we can put him in a small break...

Definitely by playing a map 20 times you are knowing how to deal in it... it's what these people don't know. If I'm lower skilled at sniping, I'm staying in my box instead of yelling around at good players. You can tell to this "WALTER_WHITE" to record some evidences and to proudly introduce them here - if he has some...
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Re: {HoF} Server Rules Etiquette & Guidelines

Post by Abracadabra »

thanks guys for the advice :) . The guy hasn´t showed up since then....I see he wasnt even logged in..what a coincidence...maybe guilty conscience (?!). :roll:
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Re: {HoF} Server Rules Etiquette & Guidelines

Post by Evil-1 »

Yes when i see WALTER_WHITE on the server i will have a talk with him if he doesn't stop he will be banned for 3 weeks the first time also plz take screen shots next time he's being rude......thank you
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Re: {HoF} Server Rules Etiquette & Guidelines

Post by [SV]ArcaoN »

you forgot to add

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