How many maps poll...

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How many maps poll...

Post by evilgrins » Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:32 pm

Altogther, unless you wanna list them by gametype, how many maps do you have for UT?

Now, whether you use MapVote, MapRandomizer, or some other map mutator to determine what you play next, how many of those maps do you regularly play on?

Reason I'm asking: I've got 1,420 maps but I tend to find I frequently only regularly play about a dozen of them.

Was wondering if this was common to the rest of you too.
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Re: How many maps poll...

Post by Kelly » Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:33 pm

I'm sure I have multiple thousands and I'd guess I might likely hit somewhere around 8-10,000 if I got them all together. I never culled trash out of my maps though, I figured saving everything was the default.
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Re: How many maps poll...

Post by Nelsona » Sun Mar 18, 2018 11:11 pm

Speaking open like for those which doesn't like to be fooled or to talk crap, I can say that I have not so many UNR files - I cannot used term maps for some of them - just junks. Why I'm not collecting everything on sight ? Because I got tired of the same "default" used in thousands of Levels and the same BAD doing, I'm looking usually at good MyLevel things - there is the true creativity and not elsewhere, all the time new things used in maps were fascinating me more than pathnodes added in insanity or None of them, not just craps with no net building, or BSP errors based on some BS arguments and so on.

Around 7 years ago I was greed to get everything for MH but I quit a few time later - DOESN'T worth time and space exhausted, neither new hard-disk drives for hosting them - not even a new MapVote for 20000 maps... When I'm rechecking those Levels for patching purposes, majority of them are just a mess and even the God of all patchers will not help to return them into my playground as bad as they are...
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