Thursday Night FIGHT NIGHT (8PM PST)

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Thursday Night FIGHT NIGHT (8PM PST)

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Nettey_{HoF} wrote: So for those that are new or those that dont know we have every Thursday night what we call FIGHT NIGHT. It is every Thursday night and most of us get to Team Speak where we can talk to our friends and have a great laugh.

We always look forward to our Thursday FIGHT NIGHT. Lately it has been crowded. I am hoping to keep the joy in it.

I was hoping to mix it up a little from time to time. We always play on the DM (Death Match) server.
Please come and join us all is welcome. If you have any questions or would just want to talk found an admin in Steam or TS3.

Thank you for everything play and have fun all.
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Re: Thursday Night FIGHT NIGHT (8PM PST)

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Are you guys still playing on Thursday night? We also are playing on our server most evenings.
Let us know Viper is still kicking.
Mark aka Marauder 1
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Re: Thursday Night FIGHT NIGHT (8PM PST)

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Nice to see ya Marauder. Unfortunately since I took a different position at work I moved to a grave yard shift. I hope to eventually get back to a day shift when the opportunity arises and I will make every effort to show up for TNFN.
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