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Re: Unreal Tournament v469 Official Patches

Posted: Tue Apr 13, 2021 5:35 pm
by Nelsona
Let's see some evidences around subject. I'll bet there are enough idiot mappers for doing such things:
(4.74 KiB) Downloaded 591 times
Message was asking: Are you sure you want to save map blah blah ?
Be sure there are enough ignorant ones. Look what they do in maps - they don't care about others - I think... ANTI-SOCIAL is the right term...

Not the last thing, I'm stating on my questions: Why all these new junks ? Empty codes, new classes, invalid data for 436... Why and Why and Why ? You see, I'm pretty stupid and that's why I need to read why the heck community goes this way planning to ruin any old install, installation which will never run these if it's not patched.

Re: Unreal Tournament v469 Official Patches

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:27 am
by Sean
I am having great results with 4.69B

4.69A gave me some errors, but B is running fine.

Gotta hand it to those folks over at oldunreal for the love they give this great old game.


Re: Unreal Tournament v469 Official Patches

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 1:21 pm
by Nelsona
You forgot to talk about Editor and why it's needed to break compatibility for original player.
When ALL players will say - it's great - out of any issues, I'll take this as Mission Completed, either way... Not Yet !

Perhaps you can visit GitHub where bugs are submitted and see what is there first - and there are not only those submitted bugs...

Re: Unreal Tournament v469 Official Patches

Posted: Tue May 11, 2021 10:12 pm
by Nelsona
Extra discussions I think are no longer needed and I removed them. Time will confirm what has to be confirmed.

Re: Unreal Tournament v469 Official Patches

Posted: Wed May 12, 2021 3:32 am
by SC]-[WARTZ_{HoF}
Sorry Nels but I was told older Windows OS such as XP or Win7 will not be supported in the future.

Re: Unreal Tournament v469 Official Patches

Posted: Wed May 12, 2021 3:47 am
by Nelsona
Don't feel sorry, I think I have some tools and suffice things for having a good time in UT after all these years. Updates for me are not mandatory, they will require another time spent for examination, resuming all over again full testing of everything which I don't have patience to do. Mission on my playground is closer to an end point, right now maybe I'll return a bit at drawing cubes if something will inspire me at mapping small things.
If The Cube is reported as bugged in v470 v480 etc., I won't respond at questions as long as I won't be capable to check them due missing physical required resources.

Excuse my clumsy logic but a game called UT'99 should be operational in machines where it was working 11+ years, or else we are talking about another game not UT'99. It's all changed heading to ages of tests which are out of my plans so far.

This is a sort of second battle. My first battle was doing a stable MonsterHunt and I realized that I don't really have major support until I decided to take wheels myself or else nothing will be changed but some wreck wrong codes "Copy-Paste"d all over again.

It's the same stage - until I do things on my way I won't see them normal. Unfortunately my life is limited at human life-time not at a Crow or a God life. I'm running out of time at learning C++ assets, else I would change things from 7 years ago without asking anybody any permissions. When you have some trash in the house it's your right to throw it out and you won't need anybody's permissions for cleaning the dirt. UT had a similar stage until 2018. But now it can be pretty much cleaned up, at least I would be hypocrite if I would ask for more - already all requirements which I described were denied and not done, but other things. Newer Devs aren't logging full data as I recommended, and changing structures (headers, functions, actors...) neither disabling what can be damaging and far from being stable as a rock.

Re: Unreal Tournament v469 Official Patches

Posted: Wed May 12, 2021 5:54 am
by SC]-[WARTZ_{HoF}
As time goes by there will be more advances in code and tech. What was once was great will eventually be forgotten over time. Holding onto games of old just gets harder and harder to do. Sometimes simplicity of some games will live on just because they are fun that way but they will have to be engineered to work with modern day software. I'm just happy that Epic games has allowed for UT99 to be further supported even if the developers have to do things to keep it running with the times.

If a community has support for game that just doesn't work on modern systems what is the point moving forward with any development ect.

Re: Unreal Tournament v469 Official Patches

Posted: Wed May 12, 2021 8:21 am
by Nelsona
Player needs compatibility with a modern system - I won't deny any such request, it's normal; but others buying stuff in the house, not computers, because computer is good as it is will stick with a compatible version.

Let's take a tour in Android spirit. We have same application with three options - even more - plugins based:
- X86
- arm7a
- arm8a
Some of them are even smarter, ALL in one compatibility and you'll be surprised how nice do they work, not only as 3rd party but even set as System application. This is maturity in stage.

In UT stage we don't have OS problems as we do have INTERNAL problems. Some features were written on purpose without having option to get rid of them on demand - HARD-CODED and not a side effect of a compiler thing. This is pretty much disturbing. In time interval between 469a and 469b player could not play that FraGnBraG's Assault map because devs were changed without a fall-back option leaving player uncovered. What !? Player was forced to get back at 436 due to these practices of not leaving a fall-back. New dev is forcing things classes which are nowhere in old version but talking about compatibility - nice story... but facts are different and they are done on purpose not a compiling bug.
Then excuse my miss-understanding of everything but when I.T. dude has as project target A and B and is delivering target A, target B and some hidden never described Target C and Target D which are damaging not helping I find these as something from a hacker yard than something coming from an IT yard. And then I'm stepping back motivated already by some previous feelings and predictions about these sort of works. Feature I discovered by writing something for lightning up the stage due to "kick-box" type discussions about non-operational paths which... are all operational, demonstrated later that it was a bad idea poorly coded after all in new patch.

Direct sample Me vs I.T. boys.
LessTele4 has option for adding new starts into chain. Ok, Nelsona, what if this does damage ? Well, I used an option for disabling this feature if it does damage somewhere in the wild. Too many random, ideas might be against my feature and then... it won't be nice.

We are going to relink chain with any matter - all hard-coded, no disabling, no stories.

Sure. But if these are damaging how we can deal with them ? You have to wait 6 months for next update - don't play map.
:o whaat ?
And I'm not sure how much is added without reverting option... And not even compiling for those which are okay with their systems ?
Okay, enjoy the party... I'll stick to my another party then.

What was saying "Shadow", headers changed not supporting custom renders ? Where is development here ?
All right, I get it, never mind. We do only what we want because we can, right ?

Note: A PM coming at told me that he is using Unreal225 - not 227 perhaps because of the same adds damaging MyLevel textures and adding bytes into Level... Relevant Deja Vu.

We are not talking then about systems and OS types compatibility, we talk about breaking old worked things and trashing them away. I don't see any maturity at this point when all has to be rewritten. A new software should be educated and not spitting venom at people's hard working time, because I'll respond in the same way, or I'll completely ignore all this stage.

Re: Unreal Tournament v469 Official Patches

Posted: Wed May 26, 2021 6:13 pm
by Nelsona
SC]-[WARTZ_{HoF} wrote: Wed May 12, 2021 3:32 am Sorry Nels but I was told older Windows OS such as XP or Win7 will not be supported in the future.
Considering events happening in Evil Sniper Server from lasts days I think UT is no longer supported not exactly OS-es... as long as that's a Windows Server 2008 R2... not a Windows XP based server...
I will reconsider my idea about a public future demo-server... it won't happen as long as I got tired about these practices in forcing people to drop into trash-box their good things. I think even MapGarbage will have a final update in May or June and that's all because I don't need to see my builders spitting errors which weren't seen in any 436 440 version and all was operational - I MADE maps myself after all...

Re: Unreal Tournament v469 Official Patches

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2021 3:54 pm
by Nelsona
Now let me see...
I'm having a computer running a game. Bug-reporting for Patches concerning the game are in GitHub which is not supporting assets running said game and making bug-reporting impossible. Do I really need to copy all things on a tablet and toggling devs like that ? Whatta heck is this anyway ?
ThoseSupportedOnes.PNG (69.31 KiB) Viewed 10938 times
Good Luck with that BugHit or how is called :arrow:

You can copy those Logged issues and feel free to post them on GitHub - if you can.