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Re: L.S.DREAM* ( _MonKEY_ / D.D.L. / pogatic / Hush / Angels / >she< / *Tears_Of_The_Sun* / *Beyond_The_Shadows*) + Jam

Post by Gonzales » Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:37 am

Anyway, UT99 is a great game but it's almost a dead game, it's a 20 years old game, there is just a bunch of players left who still play it, they are about 100 players (in the game's browser u can see over 200 but actually a half of it are just bots).

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Re: L.S.DREAM* ( _MonKEY_ / D.D.L. / pogatic / Hush / Angels / >she< / *Tears_Of_The_Sun* / *Beyond_The_Shadows*) + Jam

Post by Nelsona » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:24 am

These are "admins" - they are trying harder to demonstrate a FAKE interest (oh, look, we do have players...) for this game, but actually only a few people are working/trying to really do something... Others are sudden "fresh" admins having no clue what does that means a Server, but they do servers... Quality it's no longer a goal, I wrote that MapGarbage helping me to do a quick examination to "maps" - released files more exactly. In whatever beta4 shared I see zones mixed, zone actors placed in void, paths are far from a good optimization, and so on. Why would I waste time with these ? I'd rather prefer to play what I like ignoring this junks-spread addiction. These are sad moments at this time but... I'm playing UT more or less privately - if I'm at home without other business (I'm trying to recover ALL my phone terminals more or less damaged as software).

A self conclusion:
The loss of quality = The loss of players - and this cannot be denied regarding to what those "geniuses" are trying to demonstrate, because if servers are full of dumb things, players are not that happy as supposed regarding to what they say...
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